” Women’s feelings ( in terms of their birthings, ) positive and negative , focus on the way they were treated by their caregivers ”.

Annie Kennedy and Penny Simkin.

Walking with women through pregnancy, birth & beyond

I have 5 beautiful children of my own ranging from adult age to my youngest who is in Primary School. Originally a registered nurse, in being a Doula my work is my love. I see my role as being “there” to guide and inform expectant parents about their birth choices…and developing close relationships through this journey has become my passion. It is a joy and privilege to assist families and witness their growth. Underlying all is my firm belief that birth is a normal physiological process and that a woman’s body knows exactly how to deliver her baby safely if she is given time and is “held” by a gentle but pragmatic support team.

My birth work has taken me to many different care settings including birth centers, private and public hospitals and also home births. I have been privileged to work with families from different cultural, spiritual and religious backgrounds. I am experienced with both calm birth and hypno birthing techniques, supporting women through inductions, c- sections, water births, “V-bacs”, and instrumental deliveries. I believe it is important for couples to spend time and choose the right Doula who will support their needs at one of the most intimate times in their lives. Spending time getting to know the partner and informing them of how they can be of support is also really important so that we can all work together to achieve the best possible birth experience.




"Hiring Linda as our Doula after the birth of our 2nd son was the best decision I have ever made. After having post natal depression in the past and with little family support I was worried about how I would cope being at home with my busy toddler and new baby. Linda has helped me in many ways from getting sleep to preparing meals and playing with Jack 3 year old. Linda is warm, knowledgeable, supportive, practical and brings wonderful energy into our home.
Highly recommended!!"

Michelle Borowski
(Mum to Jack and Archie)