Walking with women through pregnancy, birth & beyond

The service I provide as a Doula may include any of the following, depending on your desire/needs:

  • childbirth debriefing
  • childbirth preparation and education
  • antenatal health and advice
  • attendance at appointments
  • assistance with birth plan
  • birthing support (emotional/physical)
  • support for the support person
  • breast feeding advice and support
  • early parenting advice and support

total package costs $1400, which includes the initial meeting, 3 antenatal consultations and 3 post-natal consultations. The most expensive component is attendance at the birth as that requires me to be available on call for about a month around your due date (ie. prioritising your needs, so you have nothing to worry about).

* In my experience these combined elements best serve first-time parents. I am also happy to provide different levels of care/reduced packages tailored to your family’s specific needs.