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"After attending some private childbirth education classes, my partner Jodie and I realised that we needed further support to achieve the natural birth we had envisaged. Linda made us feel instantly comfortable with her warm, loving and talkative nature and therefore the decision who to hire was made easy. Linda was fantastic throughout both the antenatal period and birth. I felt safe and more confident knowing that Jodie also had support which allowed me to concentrate on birthing our beautiful daughter. As I've never had a strong bond with my own mother, Linda perfectly filled the maternal gap in my life and made the birth experience of Marlie complete. We are forever grateful".

Wendy, Jodie and Marlie xoxo

"Linda Perucic is an absolutely precious gift to pregnant, labouring and post natal women and their families! She took very good care of me and my partner Morgan.

While I was pregnant, Linda spent time with myself and Morgan both getting to know us and giving education. By the time I was in labour I felt that I knew Linda well and could trust her to take care of me. Meeting so many times beforehand we had a good understanding of each other.

Linda was invaluable to us during my labour. It was so incredibly helpful to have someone there that I already knew and trusted; especially as I had never met any of the hospital staff before. Linda's understanding of labour from her own experience, education and attending other women in labour gave me confidence. She knew how to help me move my body and find the most comfortable positions.

After our son was born it was helpful to have the opportunity to discuss my labour with someone else who had been there.

Having Linda's support was very helpful for my partner, Morgan. It took the pressure off him during labour and and allowed him to support me where he could and be supported himself. I feel that this was important as it was the first time either of us had been present at a birth.

I can highly recommend Linda, she is amazing and made all the difference in the world to us. If we have another child I will definitely be seeking Linda for support."

Katherine Lucy & Morgan xxx
Linda Perucic Doula - Nurturing birth and babies

Linda Perucic Doula - nurturing birth and babies

Linda Perucic Doula - nurturing birth and babies

"Having a child is a combination of the most amazing and most physically demanding experiences both parents will ever go through. Linda was our rock. Having Linda with us every step of the way for support, expertise, personal experience and, after 50 odd hours, simply helping us get through the labour was a gift. We will always be in her debt and without a doubt have her attend all the birth and of our future babies".

Freya & Jared

“Dear Linda

What can I say except that you truly were and are a Godsend.

Your guidance, wisdom and knowledge before, during and after the birth of our daughter Sage were invaluable and from my Heart I wish to say THANK YOU!

To have you provide the assistance to Wendy and I was so reassuring and made our birth experience one which we will remember for all time.

As a first time Dad I was somewhat concerned regarding the birth. Not that anything would happen to Wendy or our new born, though rather that I would not know what to do or when to do it. Having you there during Wendy’s 25 hour labour and birth (both in our home and at the hospital) truly provided me with the confidence and reassurance I needed.

What I am especially grateful to you for is the reassurance and guidance you gave to Wendy and the fact that you invested time with her (and me) prior to the birth was so wonderful. I saw Wendy’s confidence grow more and more each time you met with her.

The fact that you stayed with us right throughout the labour and birth and did not leave until you knew the 3 of us were calm and enjoying being a new family was also something I am so thankful for. I just can’t explain how beneficial that was, knowing you were there to ‘watch over us’ and ensure our family unit was held sacred and you ensured that we were able to bond as a new family.

For anyone considering your Doula services, I can confidently and absolutely say that you are the perfect person and I would recommend you and your services to anyone having a child, even if they have already had one.

Once again thank you, I am so grateful that you have come into our lives and as a new Dad please know that I will be forever thankful to you for being with us at the birth of our first born daughter!

With much Love and Gratitude”

Michael xx

“Dear Linda

Whilst words cannot truly express the depth of our gratitude for your phenomenal support with the birth of our baby daughter Sage, I would like to give it a go …

Firstly thank you for investing your time to meet with Michael and me multiple times before Sage’s arrival, so as to get to know us and let us get to know you. Most importantly all your initial contact made me feel totally at ease and able to place my full trust in you.

After supporting me at home once contractions started, your calm presence, knowledge and guidance were also invaluable at hospital. I am quite certain that if it wasn’t for your love, support and expertise Michael and I would not have had the courage to remain so calm throughout the labour and we would have ended up in surgery having a caesarean. I feel truly blessed that you were our guide.

I also have fond memories of you coming in to visit us at hospital a day or so after baby Sage’s arrival. Given our long labour and minor detours form our ‘ideal birth plan’ it was incredibly helpful to see you again, to ‘debrief’ and benefit once more from your love, support and expertise.

Our baby Sage is 10-weeks old today. She is wonderfully content, breastfeeds and sleeps well and offers us all such an amazing energy. I am sure part of her contentedness stems from our birth experience and your guidance.

Linda, your commitment to your work is truly inspiring. We trust that we will be blessed with a second child in the near future and can’t wait to ‘work with you’ again!

With much love and gratitude”

Wendy, Port Melbourne xx

Linda Perucic Doula - Nurturing Birth & Babies
"We first contacted Linda at 33 weeks after several months considering if a doula was right for us. Sam and I were pregnant for the first time, and while we knew what kind of birth we 'wanted' to have, never having done it before we felt we needed the support of someone experienced.

I distinctly remember the moment I decided that Linda was right for us. She was explaining how a woman moves into a primal state during labour, and that what she needed was someone encouraging her to surrender control. She said in her lovely sing-song Scottish accent, "and I'll be telling you as your moaning and wailing 'great noises Pip!'".

LInda made us feel very welcome and comfortable right from the start. She is just one of those people who you feel like you've known for ages when you've only just met - a useful quality for someone with whom you will share one of the most significant experiences of your life!

In all the visits before the birth we chatted about our lives, and importantly I discovered what kind of person she is, it wasn't a one-way relationship. She made sure I was across all of the variables and permutations of outcome that go with labour - I learnt from her that every birth is unique and there is no 'textbook' delivery.

My due date came and went and Linda was never far away, checking in with me regularly to see where my head and body were at. Eight days post date I had 'show' late at night, I was so excited I could barely sleep! Sam took the next day off work and we bunkered down, and late the following evening after prolonged cramping my waters broke.

I checked in with Linda and in her world of experience she told me to get straight to bed and rest! Unfortunately, not long after I discovered some meconium in my waters and was back on the phone to Linda. We had prepared for this possibility and I knew it meant I had to go to the hospital soon.

We packed up our things (forgetting a few things!) and headed to the hospital. This was the beginning of the most significant lesson I would learn from the birth - that things don't always pan out the way you had imagined them. Arriving at the hospital I was having long contractions about 5 minutes apart. I was monitored immediately and this made me quite distressed as all I wanted to do was move around.

After over and hour and a half of monitoring and extreme frustration at not being able to move I'd had enough and ripped the monitor off. Sam had called Linda and she was on the way, having advised I get in the shower to get rid of some of the adrenalin. As soon as Linda arrived she took control of the room, getting me into a rhythm of breathing, making sure I was drinking and generally being a calm and caring presence.

I immediately felt reassured and relaxed, like everything was going to be ok. The next 6 hours passed much the same way, until my contractions stopped. Again, not what I had imagined! Linda was great in negotiating with the midwives and medical staff what course of action to take, and made me feel protected from 'the system' that we were inevitably caught up in.

Long story short, I ended up on a drip with syntocinon, which meant no more shower. Linda guided me in different positions I could take whilst tethered, and was a reassuring voice that never faltered. I think she was also really reassuring for Sam who was himself quite exhausted and overwhelmed.

Even longer story short - later that afternoon, 20 hours since my waters broke I still wasn't dilated and my baby was becoming increasingly distressed. Linda helped Sam and I make the decision to take the doctors urgent advice that an emergency caesarian was required. It wasn't a decision made easily, but it meant a lot for Linda to be part of it, since we had built up trust and respect over the months preceding.

The next 15 minutes were a whirlwind of activity, with so many people coming in, forms to sign and being moved from place to place. I remember asking Linda where she would be and she said 'I'm not going anywhere darlin! I'll see you and your baby upstairs'. It was great to know that she would be there on the other side and of course, there she was, an hour later when we re-united as a family with our new baby boy.

We had kept the name we had chosen for him secret from everyone, even the doctors in the theatre had tried to get it out of us but we stuck to our guns that family would find out first.

But when we sat with Linda in those first few delirious and delightful moments, it only seemed natural that she be the first to know. So little Clancy Francis Carroll Johnston was very warmly welcomed to the world, and we couldn't have asked for a better guide to usher him in.

So thank you Linda! May many more beautiful babies be the first to share their names with you."

x x x
Pip, Sam & Clancy
Nurturing birth & babies with Linda Perucic
"Firstly I just wanted to write to say thankyou so much for being the most amazing doula imaginable. During my pregnancy you geared me up for birth and life with a newborn. Your words of wisdom came back to me during the trying times, and really helped me to maintain the strength required. We very quickly formed a strong connection, and I felt so easy around you. You are very nurturing, loving, caring and supportive. I felt calm and safe about my upcoming labour largely due to the fact that I knew you were going to be there.I was also so grateful at a time when I was barely getting any sleep at all, you came over and helped so much with getting my gorgeous daughter to sleep, and put your loving arms around me when I really needed a hug, and allowed me to have a desperately needed rest. Basically there is no way our little family could have gotten through this time without you. You are amazing!"

Nurturing birth & babies - Linda perucic
"What an amazing gift from the universe Linda has been to our family! I knew exactly what kind of birth I wanted - no drugs, minimal intervention and under the care of the Cosmos midwives at The Women's Hospital.

Now all needed was the support of a doula to baby sit my husband! Little did I know the kind of marathon birth that lay ahead of me. Faced with a few hurdles along the way, Linda really was my rock through the 30 hour race against the medical clock as the doctors tried to intervene and i fended them off with bad language and the help of my Linda. In the end we did it, naturally and what an amazing support to have mama bear Linda by my side. Her love, hugs, silent support and wisdom were my rock during the birth and the friendship we have developed really will last a lifetime.

My husband will also testify that having Linda really took the pressure off him and made the experience less stressful."

Ana xx
Linda Perucic Doula